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Experienced Help For Those Harmed By Toxic Exposure

When there are toxic substances present on a property or in a home or building, those using the property or living there can face serious, possibly even fatal, medical concerns.

These cases can be complex. People working or living on the property may develop difficult-to-explain symptoms or illnesses. It may only become clear what the source of the problems is after extensive investigation. Common sources of toxic exposure include:

  • Mold
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Asbestos

Fitzgerald & McGroarty PA offers its assistance to homeowners and business owners who may be exposed to liability for employees who fell ill due to toxic exposure.

Residential Toxic Exposure

If you are a homeowner or tenant who is suffering adverse health issues due to exposure to mold, asbestos or some other hazardous substance, the firm can help you take action against former property owners or landlords who were negligent or who failed to disclose toxic contamination.

Commercial Toxic Exposure

Are you facing claims from employees who were injured by toxic exposure that caused issues like respiratory problems and cancer, among other ailments? Attorney Joseph P. McGroarty at Fitzgerald & McGroarty PA can help you take action against your landlord or former property owner to help limit any possible liability.

How The Firm Can Help

The firm can help you pursue long-term relief in terms of filing for damages related to personal injury and property damage from toxic exposure. It also may be possible to secure short-term relief, such as helping you get out of a lease or having the expenses covered for a short-term relocation while environmental remediation is performed.

More Than 30 Years Of Experience

At Fitzgerald & McGroarty PA, attorney McGroarty has the skill and experience necessary to help you overcome any toxic exposure issues. He brings more than three decades of environmental law experience to the aid of his commercial and residential clients who are facing health issues or legal liability due to the presence of hazardous substances. The firm works hard to advocate for their clients and has recovered many multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts.

Handling Toxic Exposure Claims In Linwood, Atlantic City And Throughout Southern New Jersey

For representation that knows how to build the highly effective toxic exposure case you need, turn to Fitzgerald & McGroarty PA. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 609-365-0036, toll-free at 800-465-1307 or contact the firm online.