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Has a claim or lawsuit come against your small business?

Starting a business may have been a dream goal that you doubted you would ever reach. Fortunately, one day you decided to take the steps necessary to make your dream a reality, and you found success in creating your company. While you may want to focus on continual success and satisfaction, it is important to remember that negative aspects also come along with running a business.

In particular, a claim or lawsuit could come against your company. While this may seem like a devastating blow, it is relatively common in the business world. Not everyone will believe that you are operating as you should or producing safe products. In the event that a claim or suit does come against you, do not panic.

Are you considering adding someone to your partnership?

The agreement for your New Jersey partnership may have a section focusing on what will happen if a partner wants to leave or dies. But does it address what happens when you want to add someone to your business?

As your business grows, you may want to add more partners or replace a partner who left. Before doing so, you may want to take the time to carefully consider whether the person you have in mind would help or hinder your partnership's efforts.

Could your business benefit from having a liability release form?

Owning a company puts a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders. You need to look out for your overall business operations, the well-being of your employees and the well-being of your clients or customers. Because you cannot prevent every accident or mishap, you undoubtedly take advantage of various types of insurance coverage as a safeguard.

Of course, you could also take advantage of other safeguards that could help protect your business from certain legal claims. In particular, you may want to explore the possibility of utilizing a liability release form, especially if your business involves inherent risks that could potentially cause harm to a client or customer.

Groundwater contamination concerns lead to new standards

Have you heard of perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulfonate? If so, then you know that these chemicals belong to a family called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

You may also know that the federal government does not regulate these chemicals, which manufacturers use in products like firefighting foams, Teflon and stain-resistant clothing. The problem with that is they were recently linked to adverse health effects such as some cancers, ulcerative colitis, developmental and reproductive issues, and high cholesterol, among others.

It's boating season -- time to review how to stay safe

Whether you go out on a lake, a river or even the ocean, you may eagerly anticipate getting your boat out on the water. Spending the day outdoors with friends and family, swimming off the back of the boat, fishing and other activities make boating a popular choice for the late spring and summer months.

While you think about all of the fun activities you will engage in on your boat, you may want to also stop and think about your safety. A refresher in the most common causes of accidents and injuries while on the water could keep your days of fun from becoming tragedies.

Add changing your estate plan to your divorce checklist

When you originally created your estate plan, you expected that your marriage would last until you passed away. Sadly, it did not. Now, you face dividing your property and perhaps dividing custody of your children.

You have a lot on your plate right now with all of the life changes and tasks you must go through in order to end your marriage. For this reason, you may have forgotten about your estate plan, which could require substantial changes now that you are reentering the single life.

What the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection does

Just as is the case elsewhere in the country, owning a business here in New Jersey means complying with different governmental laws, rules and regulations. Some of them could pertain to environmental concerns.

In that case, you will probably end up dealing not only with the federal Environmental Protection Agency, but also with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Before you begin your dealings with this state agency, it may help to know a bit more about it, including its primary responsibilities.

Cons may outweigh the pros of DIY estate planning

Creating an estate plan can provide many benefits to you and your family. However, those benefits may only come about if you create your plan correctly. Estate planning can be complex and settling an estate through probate can be even more so. Almost any mistake can negate plans.

Because of the importance of estate planning correctly, this process may not fall into the category of a DIY project for you. Certainly, DIY options exist, and numerous online sites boast easy planning options, but they may not lead your plans in the right direction.

Is your business ready to expand?

While you certainly hoped your business would be successful, you may have been pleasantly surprised at how successful it turned out. You and your staff are busy with customers throughout the week, and sometimes, you may even feel you have more than you can handle. This is why you may be considering expanding your business to a second location in New Jersey.

If the memories of opening your first location are still fresh in your mind, you likely know it is not as easy as signing a lease on a storefront and opening for business. There are many legal and personal matters to consider, and it is wise to take the time for gathering information and exploring all your options.

Don't let inclement weather keep you from a safe trip

With the end of winter and the beginning of spring in New Jersey, motorists can expect to continue to experience inclement weather. Melting snow, sleet and ice can make the roads treacherous and jeopardize your ability to get from point A to point B safely.

Even though you may drive in these conditions every year, it never hurts to review safe traveling rules for early spring weather. Otherwise, the smallest oversight or mistake could lead to disaster.

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