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Protecting Your Investment From A Contaminated Real Estate Purchase

Purchasing real estate that is contaminated with toxic or hazardous substances could expose you to permanent responsibility for the harm the site causes as well as its cleanup costs. This makes it essential that you have proper counsel when purchasing property so that you can avoid potential liability. It is possibly even more important that you have experienced counsel if you have purchased real estate that is contaminated.

Avoiding Purchases Of Contaminated Real Estate

Fitzgerald & McGroarty PA has extensive experience in dealing with contaminated sites. Attorney McGroarty knows the questions to ask and how to help identify sites that may have contamination issues. He can advise you on your options and help you understand exactly how the law will assign responsibility for the property given the particular circumstances.

Taking Action After Purchasing Contaminated Real Estate

When you purchase contaminated real estate, you take on responsibility for any cleanup that is needed. Federal law and New Jersey law both state that. However, there may be mitigating factors such as a failure to disclose the hazardous conditions on the part of the previous owner. Under New Jersey’s Innocent Purchaser Act, you may be able to limit your liability. Further, there is the possibility for pursuing claims of fraud against the previous owner.

What options are available to limit liability after a contaminated real estate purchase is very specific to each situation. Attorney McGroarty has extensive experience to build a clear assessment of how the law applies to you and what your best options are.

More Than 30 Years Of Environmental Law Experience

Fitzgerald & McGroarty PA, has been practicing environmental law for decades. Lawyer Joseph P. McGroarty has been helping his business clients with the most challenging environmental issues since 1983. He has helped secure positive outcomes that include multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts for his clients. The firm understands the complexities of these cases and how to protect your best interests no matter how complicated the case.

Contaminated Real Estate Purchases Attorney Serving Linwood, Atlantic City And Throughout Southern New Jersey

For representation that understands how to help your business overcome the most challenging environmental issues, turn to Fitzgerald & McGroarty PA. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 609-365-0036, toll-free at 800-465-1307 or contact the office online.