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What to do if your home has asbestos

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Firm News |

Homes with asbestos in them are inherently dangerous. Exposure affects the health of both you and your family.

You might buy a home without realizing this hazard is part of the structure. If you do and deception is the reason, it makes sense to file an environmental lawsuit. Before engaging in litigation, here is some advice worth noting.

Owning a home with asbestos

Asbestos spreads every time someone touches materials containing it. Avoid interacting with these objects in any way.

If you must walk through an area full of contamination, clean the floor with a wet mop first. Doing this helps reduce the possibility of asbestos particles spreading elsewhere.

Stay with family or in a hotel until there is a resolution to the matter.

Hiring professionals to clean asbestos

Choose a removal specialist that has official training and credentials. Research any contractor you are contemplating. Contact the Better Business Bureau, and ask about any safety violations. Also, find out if there are outstanding legal actions.

Before work begins, you should receive a written contract detailing the removal process. This official document must specify the timeframe, cleanup procedures, and cost. Save this record, especially if you plan on suing.

Once the job is complete, expect a letter stating the home is now livable. You may want a second opinion; hire a third-party inspector to test the air and verify its cleanliness. Short of that, use a commercially available home testing kit.

Ridding a home of asbestos is nothing to take lightly. Reduce the odds of exposure, and pay an expert to fix the problem.