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FAQs about quiet titles

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Business Law |

In real estate, disputes occasionally arise over ownership, boundaries and liens. In these cases, quiet title lawsuits may be necessary to settle the contention.

Reviewing these frequently asked questions might help property owners determine if this type of lawsuit should be the next step for them.

How do quiet titles work?

When people buy property, they want to have a clear title to the land. If there are disagreements over the property, anyone with a claim to the land can file a quiet title lawsuit. In these cases, judges review the evidence and make determinations about ownership. After the judgment, the property should have a clear title.

What are common reasons to file quiet title lawsuits?

Property owners can file quiet title lawsuits for several reasons. Some situations that lawsuits can help with are:

  • Boundary disputes between property owners
  • Breaks in the chain of title that make it unclear if others can claim ownership of the property
  • Easements granting access to the property for specific purposes
  • After purchasing property at estate sales to determine if any family members can still lay claim to the property
  • Removing lienholders
  • To dispute adverse possession by someone trying to take up residence of the property

By filing quiet title lawsuits for any of the above reasons, interested parties can provide evidence supporting their claim to the land.

Quiet title lawsuits can settle several types of property disputes. Knowing when to proceed with a lawsuit when questions arise about a property ensures officials can determine rightful ownership.