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Understanding the dangers of asbestos

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Environmental Law |

Scientists agree there is a link between asbestos and lung problems. Because of this, builders no longer use it for insulation or within flooring tiles.

Nonetheless, asbestos still exists within the walls of many buildings. Anyone living or working in a structure containing asbestos is in peril. An environmental lawyer can push the responsible party into removing it.

Symptoms of asbestos exposure

One factor that makes asbestos so insidious is that symptoms can take decades to surface. In some cases, it is 40 years after initial exposure that the effects are discernable.

Indications of asbestosis include difficulty breathing and chest pain. Dry coughing is another warning sign, as is a widening of toes and fingers. Potential sufferers should seek medical care if they hear crackling sounds when inhaling.

Risks of asbestos exposure

The more contact someone has with asbestos, the greater the severity of lung damage. Smoking may exacerbate and progress the disease of asbestosis. Individuals living with asbestos exposure are at risk of lung cancer. In rare instances, malignant mesothelioma may develop.

Those with occupations such as miners, electricians, and auto mechanics face higher danger. The health of their family members is also in jeopardy, as asbestos fibers can attach to clothing.

Prevention of asbestos exposure

Employees working with asbestos need to take special safety measures. The Environmental Protection Agency creates and enforces these rules. Construction can release floating bits of asbestos that everyone must avoid inhaling. Only professionals with proper accreditation should tackle its removal.

Asbestos is an environmental hazard in need of eradication. Exercise caution the instant you detect its presence.