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Is your commercial property at risk of zoning disputes?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Uncategorized |

As a business owner, you understand that you need to stay in line with the law down to the last detail because legal claims could easily come against your company. Of course, try as you might, it is difficult for any business to stay in full compliance with every law. Still, if someone believes that you or your company has violated any applicable laws for the area, you could end up contending with a lawsuit.

Even the placement of your building and its signage could have legal implications. Zoning matters are important to consider when building new structures or when taking over existing commercial property. Any changes your company makes could cause discontent with any residents nearby.

Possible zoning issues

Depending on the area in which you intend to build your company’s structure or intend to take over an existing structure, specific zoning laws will likely apply. If you do not stay in line with those laws, disputes could arise. Some common reasons for zoning disputes include the following examples:

  • Signage issues: You may plan to put a large sign outside your building to let potential patrons know your location. However, nearby residents may take issue if the size and placement of the signage displease them.
  • Parking lot issues: Your business may need a considerable amount of parking, but if the parking lot comes too close to a residential area, you may face issues.
  • Pollution issues: Neighboring residents may also worry that the commercial activities taking place on the property could lead to noise, odor or light pollution that could disrupt their peace and health.
  • Structure height issues: Even the height of your building or other structures could cause issues with nearby residents if they feel that the building obstructs their views.

Unfortunately, disgruntled residents could easily take issue with your company’s buildings in many ways, and if they have a valid reason to file a zoning-related claim against you and your company, you could face a difficult predicament.

Addressing claims

If you do face such claims, you may want to explore your legal options for creating a defense, complying with zoning laws and understanding your choices for fixing any valid concerns. In order to effectively handle your predicament, you may want to consult with a knowledgeable New Jersey attorney who can provide area-specific information on zoning laws and how you can protect your business interests.