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4 Things that fall under environmental law

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2023 | Environmental Law |

A few people worldwide have chosen to combat climate change and other issues that will destroy the future. Fortunately, these people are those who practice environmental law.

Environmental law-focused practitioners deal with things related to the environment. Here are a few things that would fall under their umbrella.

1. Climate change

Climate change has impacted water quality, air quality, food accessibility and even housing. Climate change policies have been attempting to fight these adverse side effects. These laws are trying to protect the earth so people and animals can continue to live on it well into the future. Cases that deal with carbon emissions, climate change and global warming are all part of environmental law.

2. Energy law

Energy laws deal with all sorts of energy, including non-renewable and renewable. Often these types of cases involve enforcing energy laws. They usually involve utility companies.

3. Environmental justice

Environmental justice protects poor communities from the hazards of mining and other resource extraction practices. In these cases, impoverished communities sue the government or corporation responsible for the harm caused by these hazards.

4. Food law

Food laws deal with the production, processing and transportation of food. Officials categorize this as environmental law because it involves regulating food to protect public health. Generally, these cases involve individuals suing the government or corporation responsible for harmful food production or transportation practices.

Environmental law encompasses a wide variety of cases. Therefore, any issue related to these factors or another aspect of the environment and human health will probably fall under this umbrella.