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How do toxic workplace chemicals enter the body?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Environmental Law |

Particular working environments pose a physical threat. Any employee in proximity to harmful chemicals is at risk for severe health problems.

Contaminated employees can wind up enduring ill effects for the rest of their lives. Suing the responsible party for exposure to hazardous materials is often appropriate. It is better to avoid this situation with the help of education and protection awareness.


Inhaling unsafe air is the most common way workers ingest dangerous chemicals. Solvents are part of many types of cleaners. Constantly spraying them makes ingestion virtually inevitable unless you are wearing a mask. Ventilation systems can spread toxins throughout an office without the workforce even knowing.


Another common entry point is the skin. Generally speaking, only chemicals in liquid form invade the bloodstream this way. All it takes is a simple touch for toxins to pass through the epidermis. Splashes may wind up entering through the eyes. Depending on the corrosiveness of the chemical, the eyeball may suffer permanent damage. Everything from compromised vision to total blindness can result. Wearing goggles is necessary to prevent such tragedy.


Food contamination is a major threat. It often occurs when someone does not wear gloves or engage in thorough hand washing. Individuals eating inedible substances are unknowingly compromising their wellbeing. Certain acids and bases may burn the digestive system in high enough concentrations.

Workers facing exposure to unsafe chemicals must be mindful of the perpetual threat. Avoiding a health emergency requires adhering to safety protocols and maintaining constant vigilance.