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Avoid common zoning issues at your business location

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Business Law |

If you plan to open a business location in New Jersey, understanding general land-use laws can help you avoid common zoning problems that arise. In addition to state zoning laws, familiarize yourself with the city zoning ordinances in the municipality where you plan to start your business.

These are some of the zoning issues to consider for a new business location in the Garden State.

Proximity to residential neighborhoods

Businesses in or adjacent to residential areas sometimes conflict with local homeowners on zoning issues. You may have to abide by special regulations about signage or parking in these areas. The building may be subject to setback laws that govern distance to the property line and the road. If your business creates unwanted noise, you may want to avoid areas with primarily residential zoning.

Incorrect zoning

If your preferred business location is not in the correct zone, you can apply for a variance. The city ordinances detail the variance process, which typically involves an opportunity for others to contest the variance. In some municipalities, challenges may occur because zones overlap with one another as needs and use change over the years.

Boundary disputes

Conflicts over land boundaries represent one of the most common types of zoning issues for residential and commercial properties alike. Whether you rent or purchase a property for your business facility, review the boundaries carefully and learn whether the property is subject to easements or other forms of public use.

When a land dispute arises, you can file a claim with the local authorities. You can also file a lawsuit or have an attorney act on behalf of your business in the case of a dispute.