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Used motor oil may destroy your property and your health

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Environmental Law |

Vehicles with internal combustion engines use motor oil for lubrication. To ensure an engine has a long and productive life, car owners should regularly replace motor oil. After doing so, they should dispose of used oil in an environmentally safe and responsible way.

Because changing a car’s motor oil is usually a simple process, individuals with little or no mechanical training can often complete the task. If your neighbor opts to dump used motor oil on the ground, the condition of your property and your health may be in jeopardy.

The dangers of used motor oil

Used motor oil is the most commonly spilled type of oil, with Americans spilling as many as 180 million gallons of it per year. By itself, used motor oil has components that are known carcinogens. When oil moves through an engine, though, it may accumulate lead, zinc, arsenic and other harmful compounds. Not only can these compounds make you ill, but they may also make their way into your water supply.

Proper disposal of used motor oil

It is not difficult to dispose of used motor oil in a safe manner. After all, most vehicle service centers contract with professional disposal services to carry it away. Individuals who prefer to change the motor oil on their own have access to recycling centers and disposal sites throughout New Jersey, although using them may cost a small fee.

You have a general right to the full use and enjoyment of your property. Ultimately, because of the potentially catastrophic risk of used motor oil, you may have to act quickly to keep a neighbor from destroying your land and your health.