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What is a catastrophic accident injury?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Personal Injury |

There is never a good time for a car accident. It is something that may leave you with serious vehicle damage, and in some circumstances, your body may suffer greatly as well.

Some motor vehicle crashes cause catastrophic injuries. This category indicates that the damage to the body is severe and causes a drastic change to the present and future lifestyle. The likelihood of suffering an injury of this magnitude depends on various factors, but any collision has the potential to inflict serious injury. Discover more about what a catastrophic injury is and what someone dealing with one may do.

The anatomy of a catastrophic injury

When one part of the body suffers irreparable damage, it may cause far-reaching and long-lasting consequences. When there is little or no hope of recovery, the future looks a lot different than it did before the accident. A catastrophic injury may mean a permanent disability impairment rating that will make it difficult to return to the same profession or an active lifestyle. These injuries often necessitate ongoing care, therapy and medication.

Examples of catastrophic injuries

Some catastrophic injuries require some modification, while others result in a complete overhaul of a person’s home life. The most serious injuries are those affecting the central nervous system. A traumatic brain injury may result in cognitive impairments that leave a person without the ability to speak, walk or remember. A spinal cord injury may cause permanent paralysis with no hope of full functionality. A limb may require amputation to stop excessive bleeding or infection.

When a crash causes a catastrophic injury, it may change the course of a person’s life for the worse. Getting the type of medical care an injury requires is one way to help make circumstances more tolerable.