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Cleaning and remediating HVAC systems after flooding

South Jersey saw its share of flooding in recent years due to extreme weather conditions. Even years later, environmental issues could arise that threaten you, your family or your business. HVAC systems provide a fertile breeding ground for molds, fungi and bacteria that can cause illnesses. Even the parts of the system not submerged in water require cleaning.

Toxic substances in homes: is your family affected?

We spend a lot of time in our homes and we often think of them as a place of rest and security. However, many family's homes are unknowingly contaminated with toxic substances that can affect the health of those living there. Here are 3 common types of toxic substances in homes and how to detect them.

Is your home protected from hurricane damage?

Over the last few years, hurricanes have impacted many areas along the American coasts. New Jersey is no stranger to the potential dangers. In fact, Hurricane Sandy alone cost New Jersey business about 8.3 billion dollars in damages. As many homeowners have found, homes and buildings often present little resistance when confronted by the immense power of these tropical storms. Unfortunately, many homeowners find out after the storms that their insurance does not cover as much as they thought it did.

TSCA gets a facelift: 3 impacts on small businesses

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) is a law that provides the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the ability to regulate new or current chemicals. This law first came into play in 1976 and has basically flat-lined in recent years.

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